Please be aware that, because I work for Web design companies, many of whom do not want their clients to know I am a freelancer, I will not show the examples here if they would not want me to. If you would like to see code samples, etc please let me know via the Contact page.

Latest Projects

An app-like system making extensive use of jQuery/AJAX and PHP to enable sports coaches to report incidents and hazards to their employers. It included the front end (reporting) and admin area for all management/reporting functionality.

A financial enquiry form, where the user's details were submitted via SOAP, cURL and JWT (a means of transferring encrypted JSON data - please see for information) for third party checking, before saving to a local database.

Woocommerce API for Kitbuilder ( - integrating a means of designing your own sports kit with Wordpress. - an e-commerce website with back office product and order management tied in to the front end design. There are two types of customers (wholesalers and retail), each with their own sections, payment methods and so on. Please be aware that the design was done elsewhere.